Heat + Pressure

Natural, Solventless Extraction

We use a PurePressure Longs Peak Rosin Press to craft an extract that closely expresses the natural cannabinoid and terpene profile that our plants produce. This machine, designed and built in Denver, Colorado, uses heat and pressure to separate the cannabinoid and terpene-rich oil from our dried, trimmed, and cured hemp flowers.

All of our Certified-Organic CBD Products are made in-house with this solventless, full-spectrum concentrate.


We load 35 g of hemp flower into 115 micron polyester monofilament mesh bags. This keeps the plant material inside and allows the rosin to flow out when heat and pressure are applied.


The loaded bag is placed onto a sheet of FDA-Approved, American-made parchment paper.

Heat and 8-tons of pressure are applied for a few minutes until the rosin stops flowing


The rosin is allowed to cool before it’s collected with a stainless steel blade and stored in glass jars awaiting product formulation.



  • Individual or business must have a valid hemp cultivation license
  •  Hemp must have a current lab test, showing that the material is compliant
  • Only dried and trimmed hemp flowers will be accepted